“Once you have experienced the thrill of flight, when you are back down to earth, you will continue to look at the sky.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci


Since we were children, looking at the sky, we wondered about how could such large and heavy machine can be able to fly. We wondered about the mistery of fly.
We have always dreamt of flying, pushing ourselves beyond our limits, to imagine a different future where flying was within everyone’s reach.
From a child’s dream to an adult’s experience was born the idea of an innovative aircraft that can put together safety and reliability with high performance and sleek design.
This is our strenght: we imagined a different future and we had owned to make it happen.



From our idea to the project of engineer Orlando Iannotta is born a new concept of low-wing airplane.
The modern market of VLA, LSA and AG aircraft manufacturers moves on very different concepts compared to those of previous years: the technological contents applied to flight, constant innovations in the sector and compliance with the regulations dictated by the European Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA) have become standard in the development of any aeronautical project.
For this reason our vision has always been oriented towards meeting specific needs: safety, comfort and excellent flight quality.
The first test flights were an exciting experience for the whole team: the prototype stood out among enthusiasts and experts in the sector, for its reliability and high quality performance.
The outcome was a single engine with 12 patent claims.




Thanks to the experience of our parent company Alfa Air S.r.l., a leader in the field of aeronautical processing and TIG welding, we were able to create an aircraft that is totally metal and is totally safe.



External Structures

The structure of the aircraft is made of metal and is totally safe thanks to the experience of our parent company AlfaAir, a leader in the metal processing branch and TIG welding.
The internal structure of the passenger compartment is made of chromium molybdenum steel tubes, built together in a lattice structure to give strength and protection to the crew.
In the non-critical parts and where it was essential to use, we employ composite materials.
The result is an internal structure light weight with high resistance.


The wing profile of the NACA "63" series was chosen among those with the lowest coefficient of moment to facilitate the best stability. The wings are connected to the fuselage in three points, to reduce the specific loads to the joint. The part of the wing crossing the fuselage is integrated with an opening of almost two meters. The wings are equipped with wide fittings that reduce the air resistance to the maximum, lowering the CX7 coefficient, making the shape harmoniously pleasant but also efficient in overall aerodynamics.

Engine and Instruments

The fuel tanks have a total capacity of over 120 liters, ensuring an energy supply of four/five hours.
Standard and certified instruments are installed, both for the VLA and the AG. Other solutions can be mounted on customer request.

The engines that can be installed are:

  • Rotax: 912 series carburetors or 100 Hp injection
  • 914 Series- Turbo, 115 Hp
  • Series 915- Turbo, 141 Hp. 12. 12

Info & Contacts

  • Address: ex area P.I.P, Via Martiri d'Ungheria, 81050 Portico di Caserta CE
  • Phone: (+39) 0823 693177
  • E-Mail: info@alfaair.it


Creare un nuovo modo di concepire il volo, assicurandone l’efficacia e la sicurezza con controlli costanti, spingendo l’evoluzione della meccanica del volo a livelli superiori.


We want to be a reference point for Italian excellence in the field of aeronautics. We develop a new way of working that puts man at the center of the creation process.


The applications of the L5-CONFIDENT aircraft are innumerable. Its features allow the aircraft to be customized, suitable to customer's requests in a tailor made" way.
Its applications are various: from the possibility of being able to enjoy the emotions of tourist flight in absolute safety, reaching desired locations at a modest cost, to the training flight for military pilot students or for those who need to obtain a patent.
From a support flight in agriculture fields, hosting a tank for the auxiliary "spray bars", to surveillance flights, where maneuverability at low speeds plays a fundamental role, up to data collection flight, allowing you to host tele detectors for the acquisition of data in a very short time.



Marzia Liccardo

Marzia Liccardo


Orlando Iannotta

Ing. Orlando Iannotta


Articles & Patents

Below you will find our patents and our press review.

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