• We are
    the constant of every activity we deal with.
  • We are
    what moves us to each new project.
  • We are
    always setting new goals without ever being satisfied.


We support who choose us to comply with the requests of the engineering and aeronautical markets of tomorrow.

Aeronautical constructions

Starting from the reading and understanding of the technical drawing, the assembly cycle and constant control in itinere, give life to a highly precise and complex technical operation, aimed at the construction and / or assembly of aeronautical structures.


Aeronautical Assemblies

We guarantee the constant improvement of our work processes thanks to periodic updates of the training of our employees and control of the production process.


Tig & Mig welding

Welding is one of the most delicate processes in the production chain, this is because two pieces, once welded, can no longer recognize each other.


Radiographic checks

The purpose of the X-ray checks is to issue an acceptance / rejection judgment of a material or component with full guarantee and functionality for which the object itself was built.


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