We are constantly engaged in developing new working methods and products, without leaving out the continuous improvement of existing processes.
Day after day we offer support to our clients, to deal with the engineering and aeronauticals’ markets demands of tomorrow.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians we use advanced technologies and materials to make air transport components safer and respectful for the environment.
That makes our company an Italian excellence.
Our constant monitoring and control systems for the structural health of welds allow us to create a final product that is totally safe and reliable, getting rid of human errors.

Our first goal is to fullfill the requests of those who rely on our professionalism and competence.
We provide real-time technical support to solve engineering, logistics and maintenance problems, 24h / 24h around the world.
In order to give our partners the best experience in the modern aeronautical industry our team works relentlessly to carry out the most innovative practices on the market, keeping updated with training course and continuing education.